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The ERA Licensing Scheme

The ERA Licensing Scheme permits staff at educational establishments to record, for non-commercial educational purposes, broadcast output of ERA's Members. You will require a licence if you wish to use recordings of broadcasts as teaching resources.

Most educational establishments in the UK are already covered by an ERA licence. This may be by individual licence or as part of a blanket licence agreement, but all licences are renewable annually. Please check current tariffs and licensing agreements for further information.

How to obtain an ERA Licence
Including details on establishments eligible for an ERA Licence.

Conditions of the ERA Licence
Including details of what can be recorded, definitions, restrictions on use etc. Or request a pdf version of our Information Booklet or Licensing Scheme.

Recent Changes to the ERA Scheme and how they affect licensees

Order copies of ERA's updated information booklet

ERA moves to adopt a voluntary Code of Conduct

The Government has recently published “Minimum Standards for UK collecting societies”.
These Minimum Standards are intended to form the basis of collecting societies
individual codes of practice.
These can be found here:  http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/hargreaves.htm

The Minimum Standards have been developed in conjunction with collecting societies
(including ERA) and reflect earlier publication by the British Copyright Council of
“Principles for Collective Management Organisations’ Code of Conduct” developed
and endorsed by the British Copyright Council.

In consulting about proposals to publish its Minimum Standards, the Government recognised that
collecting societies had been working on development of voluntary codes of conduct
under the auspices of the British Copyright Council.
ERA took part in these discussions.
The BCC Principles can be found here :

Taking into account the BCC Principles and the now published Minimum Standards, ERA has now
prepared its own Code of Conduct.

The ERA Code of Conduct can be found here.

The Code of Conduct refers to Licence terms and other documents published on the ERA
website (which will be updated from time to time).

The Articles of Association of ERA can be found here.

The current Membership Agreement relevant to members of ERA can be found here.