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ERA Welcomes changes to link use of BBC Online Services and Channel 4 Video on Demand Services with ERA Licences?


Why are changes welcomed?

Terms and conditions for access to online video on demand services often limit licensed access to personal private use.
In such cases access to such services is not authorised for educational establishments, even if the access is required for the educational purposes of the establishment.

ERA previously issued guidance to explain why ERA Licences did not override the terms and permit access.
This raised some concerns amongst ERA Licensees, who argued that they were increasingly wishing to access free Catch up tv services for educational purposes to view or listen to programmes which had been broadcast, before being made available in a Catch up service.

What changes have been made?

Following discussions with the BBC ands Channel 4 changes have been made to the terms and conditions applicable to the access of the above channels online services.

The changes allow educational establishments holding a current ERA Licence to:

(a) record and access BBC Content in relevant BBC Online Services for educational purposes under the terms of an ERA Licence; and
(b) apply non-commercial educational use within the scope of the ERA Licence to access to 4oD Content within Channel 4 Online Services on the conditions that would otherwise be limited to personal, non-commercial use. Age of consent and viewer guidance terms continue to apply to any educational access.

How are the changes confirmed?

The changes have been confirmed independently of the ERA Licence and are reliant upon current published Terms of Use.
In the case of BBC Online Services, the relevant terms are available at
(Click on the Help and FAQ tab and refer to item 8 “How can educational establishments use BBC Online Services (including BBC iPlayer)?

In the case of Channel 4, the relevant terms are available at:

What do the above changes mean?

The new terms clarify how ERA Licences support additional access to programmes and extracts for educational use.
It is important to note that the changes only apply to the BBC and Channel 4 online services referred to.

For other services, the relevant Terms of Use must be checked and observed.